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triple chocolate kahlua cheesecake.


triple chocolate kahlua cheesecake.


I was told I need to write down the things I say and publish a book. This is not the first person that has told me to do this. I have had an interesting past 5 years. And I can tell it is only to continue in such a way. Maybe I will start a journal or something to start recording my memories and thoughts.


This is officially my new favorite GIF. 

Freaking adorable!


This is officially my new favorite GIF. 

Freaking adorable!

My Husband Is Better Than Yours

He brought me back an Almond Joy from the grocery store last night. I didn’t even ask for it.

Future Stuff

I simply don’t know what I want to do with my life. Well, besides be a wonderful wife and mother. But! I need something to prove for myself. I DON’T KNOW!!!! I need my husband. Someone who is an expert at listening to me.

Baking and Pastry. Work like a frantic freak to get into a nursing program. Elementary school teacher. Or absolutely nothing. I have no idea…

I am lost.

It should be against the rules for any one person to utilize all the washers/dryers at one time.
So frustrating.

13 Hours

My uterus is trying to kill me.
So I ate a cookie and midol at 5:30 in the morning; when normal people are getting the last bit of their sleep.

Shortly, I have to wake up and start doing all the last minute things I have to do before my husband-to-be is FINALLY home. Today is gonna be the best…
Except for my damn uterus complaining. I hate being a female at times.

Laughing At My Nightmare!: Operation Twitter Reachout: JBiebs


Okay, here we go! Tonight we are going to bombard Justin Bieber with the messages below in order to raise awareness for Laughing At My Nightmare, Inc. If this works, and Justin acknowledges our tweets, it will do wonders for our mission to raise money for muscular dystrophy research and promote…

(Source: laughingatmynightmare)


I am allowed to slightly freak out between now and July 21.

7 days of work left. Thank God. 

13 days till I take my test to see if I actually have the mental capacity and capability to be a nurse.

24 days to basically pack everything up in my house that’s mine, get a wax, whiten my teeth, clean like a maniac, get ready for engagment pictures…and whatever else comes with getting ready to get married and see your fiance that you haven’t seen in 8 months.

In the meantime, I shouldn’t spend anymore money because I need to save as much as possible. And I also need to be eating super healthy and working out so that I look good for when he gets here.

I seriously thought I had more time…ugh.

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